Chapter 992: The End  

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Xinghe accepted the note and read the message Xia Wa had left for them. The message was short. It was as Mubai had said; she said everything had reached a temporary stop. She was going to meet the man and would return when everything had been settled. However, she did not give her destination or contact method.

Xinghe was not that worried. If her mother dared to meet this person alone, it meant that she knew she could get away from the meeting safely. If she had confidence then it would be successful, just like them changing the past. It was such a difficult thing to do, but she had succeeded, so there was nothing she could not accomplish.

Realizing everything was finally over, Xinghe felt relaxed for the first time in a long time. She turned to Mubai and smiled. "I wish to stay here to unwind for two more days, and we will return after that. What do you think?"

This was their chance to spend some alone time together, Mubai was eager to say yes.

"Okay!" he promised and said in a pampering mood, "You can do whatever you want in these two days, and I will be by your side."

"I just want to while the time away with you," Xinghe said with a smile. Her answer surprised Mubai.

"For the rest of my life, I just want to while the time away with you," Xinghe added, and this time, her expression was serious. Mubai’s eyes were glistening. No one knew Xinghe better than he did. She was a very goal-orientated woman, and there was nothing she had ever done that was not purposeful. However, now she said she just want to while her time away with him...

Such a contrast made Mubai suspect he was hallucinating.

"What did you say?" he asked cautiously.

Xinghe smiled and repeated, "I said, I wish to while the rest of life away with you, is that okay with you?"

"What do you mean by while your time away?" Mubai lowered his voice and the intent in his eyes deepened.

Xinghe looked into his eyes and explained softly, "Doing things that will make us happy and not worry about anything."

Mubai’s gaze shuddered. He suddenly caressed her face and suppressed his emotions as he said, "Do you know how much I have prayed to be given a life like that with you?"

"I know because me too..." Xinghe generously confessed her feelings.

Mubai studied her face, and his lips involuntarily curved into a sweet smile. He could not hold it in any longer, and he leaned in to kiss her. The moment their lips touched, Xinghe’s lashes shuddered slightly, and she closed her eyes. Then she gently reciprocated his kiss.

Feeling her reciprocation, Mubai’s kiss turned more fiery and passionate!

Xinghe’s kiss matched his passion...

The sea breeze licked their bodies, and the warm sunlight enveloped the two who had fallen to the beach as their bodies intertwined. They hugged, kissed, and laughed tirelessly. If this was the only thing they could for the rest of their lives, they would die happy...

These two days were their private alone time. There was no disturbance, worry, or hesitation. They let go of everything to enjoy this slice of intimate paradise that was theirs alone.

At the same time, in a hidden corner of the world, Xia Wa was meeting with the man. The person that she met was still his puppet. She still had not found out his actual identity.

"I will honor our contract and reappear in 25 years. These will your last 25 years, appreciate them well," the man opposite her said with a wicked smile, and his tone was as light as discussing the weather.

Xia Wa replied with determined confidence, "No, this world will continue to exist. In 25 years, your plan will be completely ruined."

"Is that so?" The man shrugged and smiled. "Then we will shall see who will be the final winner."

"Alright, we shall see." With that, Xia Wa stood up and left.

Two days later, in a secret base that no one knew about, a hibernation was going to begin.

"Boss, everything is ready. Please enter the chamber, your hibernation time has been set for 25 years," a lackey told the tall and large man before him obsequiously.

The man looked at the large hibernation chamber, and a wicked thin smile appeared on his lips. "In 25 years, I will see how this world has changed, but no matter what, the human heart will still be ugly, and the world will still deserve to be destroyed."

Then, he entered the chamber without hesitation. His group of lackeys started mobilizing, activating the chamber as trained. The chamber slowly closed, and the man inside also matched the pace in shutting his pair of jade colored eyes which seemed to be able to hook out one’s soul. When the chamber completely closed, he entered into his dreamless sleep.

However, do not be mistaken, this was not the ending; it was only the beginning. In 25 years, he would reappear to finish his life’s greatest wish, and no one would be able to stop him, no one!

The next 25 years would pass by in the blink of an eye without much hoopla for most, but for Xinghe’s group, the 25 years were all they needed to change the world. Xinghe continued to rule Hwa Xia as its president for another five years. In those five years, Hwa Xia’s science had a tremendous improvement, and the world was changing day by day.

This was because she had already figured out the way to save Shi Jian and the guys from their captivity, and they all reported for duty at Galaxy Academy. Under their leadership and tutelage, the world welcomed numerous great scientists and academic minds. Very soon, Galaxy Academy became the world’s greatest academy cradle, and many came to improve their knowledge and techniques.

With the cross teaching and learning, more theorems and practices were discovered. With these discoveries, more leaps in science were made. Over the past hundred years, due to the effort of numerous scientists, the world’s technology had experienced a drastic change.

Now, the technology was going to improve to yet another level. Genetic engineering, cancer, robotics, cellular revitalization, those were no longer ideas from science fiction. Humanity achieved many dreams and the average lifespan was greatly extended. Even Xia Meng’s body, which had been completely destroyed, was recovered, and she was given a new lease on life.

With the great advancement in technology, people thought the world was only heading for a better life. In the future, perhaps they could even migrate to another planet. However, Xinghe’s group did not dare to let their guard down.

Even though space migration was no longer an impossible dream, they would not give up their home planet. If Earth was not destroyed, it would forever be their home. Therefore, to prevent the tragedy from happening 25 years later, they had to take many precautions.

However, no matter how hard they combed the Earth, they could not find the man or the hidden threat that they had left in the world. The most worrying thing was he had access to a lot of advanced technology. He could even live on forever with the memory cells, so he must have thought of ways to deal with them by now.

Regrettably, he was in the dark and they were in the open, so Xinghe’s group was passive. Xia Wa had predicted and said that the man was not a simple character; his IQ and capability were not to be overlooked. He was confident enough to give another 25 years which meant that he was confident he would still pose a threat in 25 years.

Therefore, they could never rest and had to do everything possible to stop him. For that effect, Xinghe’s group thought of many ideas. Other than researching advanced technology, they were also conducting research on the fifth dimension. Perhaps in the future, the fifth dimension could really bring them to the past and allow them to rewrite history. They had a long time to research it, so they believed they would eventually succeed.

However, by then Xinghe and Mubai would have been old, and Xia Wa even older, they would have been unavailable to deal with the man anymore. Thankfully, there was plenty of fresh blood ready to take up their mantle.

The one at the forefront was Xinghe and Mubai’s daughter.

Xinghe and Mubai had their wedding after they returned. Several years after that, she gave birth to a healthy little girl. Their daughter was definitely a genius.

In the coming years, Xia Wa would be her personal tutor, and they placed all their hope on her. They believed she would not disappoint and would be greater than her predecessors. The future belonged to the future generation, and the world was theirs to save.

Xinghe and Mubai, they would gradually extricate themselves from the stage of history and start to enjoy their private lives. Xinghe fulfilled the promise she made; after five years of presidency, she returned to City T to live a simple life with Mubai.

Other than academic research, the biggest focal point of her life was her family. It was the same for Mubai. He stopped pursuing a life of wealth and slowed down his other work to accompany Xinghe and his family. As Xi Lin grew into a respectable young man, he eventually took over his father’s business empire, and Mubai retired to accompany his beloved wife.

They spent their days side by side, and not one day was spent apart. No matter where they went, they would be together. They had endless topics, and even if they were not conversing verbally, they cherished each other’s presence.

From the outside, their love story might not have been all fireworks, but they themselves knew how deep their love went. Sometimes, love was something that could not be expressed using words or actions, it was done through companionship, a life of mutual companionship, basking in each other’s love and appreciation. This was a private happiness, one that was exclusive to the parties involved.

This was not a love that was easily practiced, but Xinghe and Mubai lived and breathed that philosophy. Their biggest wish in life was to contribute to each other’s happiness, to cultivate bliss for the other. Only by selfless contribution could they themselves be rejuvenated in the company of love...

Whether the world was going to end or not, they were no longer afraid.

Even if it was meant to happen, they believed someone would rise up to resolve the issue, and that person was their daughter.

To prevent the mysterious man from destroying the world 25 years later, their daughter had been working hard. However, whether she would succeed or not, that would be a tale for another day...